Monday, April 05, 2010


I love COSTCO...I love it enough to foolishly linger over the name, highlighting the letters all the while smiling adoringly...

Costco kept me going when there was little I could enjoy. I had something over fifteen months of intensive cancer treatment - chemotherapy, hospitalizations, radiation, surgery, more chemotherapy. It wasn't much fun, but throughout the ordeal there was Costco. We went twice a week, usually every Monday and Friday. Monday is when the new 'sales' start and I often buy a small amount of whatever interests me and then decide during the week whether to really stock up on Friday. I missed only one of my regular Costco days - the Friday after my Thursday surgery. I actually thought about going but caution prevailed; it would have been quite embarrassing to start hemorrhaging or something... But I was back shopping the following Monday!

There's a lady who runs a floral kiosk there...I remember her hustling over to help me lift down a heavy detergent bottle. I hadn't asked for help but I suppose I looked like I needed it. Then there's a lady named Christine who works behind the customer service counter (I must write the company to tell them about her). When we figured I was almost dead I wanted to change all the accounts over to Peter's name. I've always handled all the paperwork and details in the past so most accounts were in my name. I had an ongoing problem with our Costco American Express card and busy though she was, Christine took it upon herself to take over the telephone when I announced "I give up, I haven't the strength to deal with this". I love Costco and I love their staff!

Now all of this is leading somewhere... My daughter Martha came up with the idea: "Mum, you've got to plan something fun to do when all this is over!" First I decided it would be a trip down to Los Angeles to visit her, then I had my inspiration! It's going to be the "Great West Coast Costco Tour", culminating in a visit with my daughter. I'm busy printing out a list of all the Costco's between Victoria and L.A. and I seriously hope to hit them all. "Hit" as in "shop there" not rob them.... We're leaving early next month.