Friday, May 23, 2008

It was a very quiet birthday. Finally! I really don't like a lot of excitement. Just my three boys and Aunt Martha and Uncle David at teatime. I served mini quiches, egg rolls, a Pavlova and a hazelnut cream cake. Relaxed and easy -- exactly my cup of tea.

Peter gave me the new camera, Jon provided extra memory, Petie is fattening me up with chocolate. That's right, I'm not fat enough... He also gave me a native-style carving that I quite like (more on that in a minute). Auntie and David gave me some neon and a lovely bouquet. I suppose I shouldn't admit this, but I've loved neon since I was three years old. I remember travelling across Canada and the U.S. in a train when I was three and looking out the windows at night as we passed through various neon-lit cities. I was enchanted then and I'm still enchanted by coloured lights.

Now the carving... That's it, propped up on the bookshelf. Petie carved it himself under the tutelage of his native friend, Ty. Ty's a member of one of the Vancouver Island bands - such a nice young fellow! Anyway, Petie announced "I want you to understand, Mum, I was sitting beside an actual Indian when I carved this. He gave me advice on how to keep it authentic and touch up the fins, etc." Funny, cute and quite special. It's a salmon. Nice little notch in the tail, good gill representation. It's made of cedar (very authentic material). Really, it's not half bad and I'm thrilled with it.


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