Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas 2007

Christmas 2007

The 'plane was delayed - Martha was due in at 6:30 but arrived smiling a little after midnight. We left the airport around 2am after she filed a 'lost baggage' claim.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Surreptitious Sunday Salon and Smoke

Yes, smoke. Peter's been working on the computer room and today he was grinding down a windowsill. Honestly, the air was thick and breathing is somewhat iffy even now...

I've been reading "Born Standing Up", an autobiography by Steve Martin. I've always liked Steve Martin - he reminds me so much of my brother (attractive, smart, and he seems to be a nice person). I was interested to learn what exactly it was that spawned such a bright fellow. I had imagined him coming from a 'privileged' background. I had imagined an Ivy League education. It appears that I was pretty much wrong. Steve Martin is a worker in the finest sense of that word. He started as a part-time employee at Disneyland when he was ten years old and moved on to a job at Knott's Berry Farm at eighteen. He was finally inspired to work at his education by a girlfriend (apparently she's an Evangelist of some note, but I don't know her...)

The book is a pleasant, speedy read. There is carefully worded mention of problems with the father - some physical abuse. Martin left home at eighteen and then had little contact with his family (I understand there's a reunion with his older sister due in a future chapter.)

So far I haven't read anything to put me 'off ' him. I still think he's a remarkably worthy fellow. I'll recommend the book.

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