Friday, November 02, 2007

Forget about all that highbrow stuff - this is the best book ever! It's such juvenile fun! Page ten, "Ear Wiggling Made Easy" tells how to use adhesive bandages to attach a string to the back of the ears. Then, tie another string to the middle of the first one. Let it dangle down through the back of your shirt. Pull on the string behind your back and wow 'em! This is definitely my simple-minded cup of tea.

Page twelve has "the nastiest activity in this book" How to Fake a Sneeze. It involves first wetting your hand under a faucet, then faking the most disgusting sounding sneeze possible while simultaneously shaking the water from your hand onto the back of someone's neck.

I ask you, is there anything in the world better than remaining childish at heart?


At 5:59 AM, Anonymous Clare said...

I am in two minds about this book, Susan. I know several people who would love it - but on the other hand should they be encouraged?


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