Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Botanical Beach

Peter and I trekked down to Botanical Beach today. At the west end of Juan de Fuca Park, it's one of the richest tidal areas on the west coast. The shoreline is unique, with ridges of shale and quartz jutting up through black basalt.

The drive took about two and a quarter hours on a narrow former logging road. The area is rain forest and more often than not foggy and dripping rain. It was a lovely day today though. After arriving at the parking area, about two kilometres from the beach, we descended a steep wooded trail, past wild columbine and trillium. Signs warned that black bears and cougar could be seen at any time. I was more alarmed by a fellow walking behind us singing at the top of his lungs (perhaps intent on driving bears away?). He sounded like a tone-deaf Johnny Cash and the lyric he sang seemed somewhat threatening.

The tides are at their lowest at this time of the year and visitors can walk out across the sandstone to look into tidal pools full of marine life trapped when the tides recede. It's really a lovely spot, but the access is a little challenging. Tomorrow I'll probably be writing about my aches and pains!



At 5:36 AM, Anonymous Clare said...

Looks just my sort of place. I could spend hours there. That hollow in the top photo looks just like and enormous footprint.


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