Sunday, May 20, 2007

Introducing The Brother!

left to right, Don, Cindy and Peter

We had a lovely visit with Don and Cindy, our newly-discovered kid-brother and his wife. They've got a very nice country-style home with plenty of room for their three dogs to roam. Even the dogs were charming. Bruce, the big male, was temporarily banished to the yard while we were there. He responded by standing a foot from us, on the other side of the window, barking to be let in. Once inside he was happy as a clam and quite interested in the company.

Don and Cindy are kind of an 'alternate universe' Peter and Susan. They're active and productive, a very commendable pair. She's a retired paediatrician and I can't help but think that she was wonderful in the job - a petite, sweet lady who wouldn't frighten the children. As for Don, he was a policeman and he's got a policeman's bearing. A big, robust fellow, the resemblance to his father is nothing short of amazing.

We're glad Don found us. I had forgotten until the other day, but I think that I actually played a part in making the reunion possible because at one time I was a very active campaigner for adoption reform. It's twenty years ago now that B.C. introduced an adoption reunion registry and allowed adoptees access to identifying information on their birth parents. When the changes were being discussed in our legislature a couple of politicos introduced me as I sat in the gallery (scroll down almost to the bottom of the page, under "Accountants (Chartered) Amendment Act, 1987") So long ago, I'd almost forgotten. I hounded those people relentlessly, hoping to find a half-brother, the son of my mother. A social worker had told me that my only hope would be to change the law and while I was just one voice among many, I think mine was a fairly shrill voice. I haven't found my mother's son, Jolyon, but Don has found us and that pleases us mightily.



At 12:40 PM, Anonymous Clare said...

I love the idea of an 'alternate universe' Peter and Susan! I hope you find your Jolyon too, one day.


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