Saturday, April 14, 2007

Three Rules to live by

Debra presents a question, asked first by Karen of Write from Karen:

"What three main rules, standards, or morals do you live by?"

Debra's responses are noble and decent and of course you'll agree with them.

Now here's a less admirable response:

1. Family right or wrong. I am one hundred percent behind my family and they all know where to come if they ever need an alibi.

2. Never 'join' anything. Always float with the current but keep oars and a 'kicker' motor at hand in case the current leads you to the edge of a waterfall. Certainly never hand over control of the boat to anyone else.

3. Try for perfection but realize that you'll never find it. Be content to just keep trying.


At 2:45 PM, Blogger Debra Hamel said...

I knew this question would really elicit different answers.

But I wonder: how far does your family extend? Immediate family, or beyond that?


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