Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Your Opinion, Please

Peter and I went to Home Depot tonight to buy some electrical conduit for his Magnificent Construction (I'll tell you more about that later). When we went into the store, alarms sounded. That's happened to me before. I mentioned it to the clerk before we left the store and she said it might have been my cellphone or, delicately, perhaps a bra. "Not mine", I told her. We proceeded through the door -- alarms sounded , heads swivelled, staff came running. Our clerk called out "It's just her cellphone".

I'm starting to get a little edgy about this. I don't want to be an old crank, but I also don't want to be embarrassed or harassed. What do I do? I must say, I have a tendency to get 'uppity' when people step on my toes and I can envision a scene. I don't want to be difficult with someone who's just trying to earn a living, but I do want to be left alone. Okay, I'm not carrying anything embarrassing in my purse - no guns, no hypodermic needles, no adult diapers. No 'hot' merchandise! I'm not afraid of someone seeing the contents of my purse, but what about the 'other guy', the person who would be humiliated by such an intrusion?

If it comes to the point that they ask to inspect my purse, I'm going to have to fight, aren't I?


At 10:47 PM, Anonymous martha shade said...

It can also be a DVD, CD, garage door opener or the automatic car door opener thing in your bag...or yes, the underwire in your bra. The underwire thing was pretty common at the store I used to work in.

As far as allowing them to inspect your purse, I always get so paranoid when it happens to me, that I open my bag immediately and make sure everyone sees that I'm "clean." But that's me. They're not going to get cops or security involved if they didn't actually witness you take something, but keep in mind they may view you suspiciously everytime you enter the store if you act too cagey if they ask to see something.

(BTW, the "loss prevention" experts who trained us said 99 percent of the time an innocent person is easy to spot because they're so willing to open up their stuff and they WANT to prove that they're innocent.)

At 10:03 AM, Anonymous Minx said...

I would be so proud if my bra could set off an alarm!!


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