Sunday, July 16, 2006

Please Visit!

I've been a little distracted of late, working on my family history. Maxine came up with the idea that I should move it into standard web pages so that there could be movement back and forth between pages. I'm very 'green' at this as you all know, but it's actually been a lot of fun!

I bought a new scanner/printer so that I could upload some pictures for the pages. I barely know how to operate it and I'm absolutely hopeless at placing the pictures where I want them, but I love what it's added to the pages.

I'm starting to understand Debra a little better now. I used to be somewhat mystified by the continual changes she made to her sites. Now I'm looking at this project of mine and I see many improvements that should be made. Anyway, I'd be pleased if you'd take a look at the new pages, even if they're not yet perfect. So far I've got nine pictures in there - one set of great-grandparents, two sets of grandparents, etc. There's lots left to do, but I'd still like you to take a look!


At 11:46 PM, Anonymous martha shade said...

Wait!!!! Nanmum and George got divorced and remarried??!!! How could I not know this?

And the Bellingham stuffs...I had no clue.

This is great stuff, mum. I love it.

At 8:24 AM, Blogger Debra Hamel said...

And once you conceive a desire to make a change, you look around the web and figure out how to do it; you gain some confidence; you notice something else you'd like to do and learn how to do it....

I'm not very familiar with Google Pages so don't know how easy it is to use. I don't know what to advise regarding blog vs. static pages. You can do it in either, though, and make it nicely navigable, if you want, with an archives page pointing to the various posts on a blog. Looks like a good start here, though.

At 5:19 PM, Anonymous Clare said...

Just had a quick look. What strikes me the most are the pictures. I love looking at old pictures - and the faces you have here seem such kind ones. They're so clear too, remarkable, really, even the lady in the little white hat - she could live next door to me now. It's really very interesting, Susan, and going to give you immense pleasure I am sure.

I've been musing about doing something about my family. ( I tried posting this comment up before but something happened). I think it is an ideal use of blogger - thanks for the inspiration!

At 1:06 PM, Blogger Maxine said...

Susan, I had a read of your googlepages the other night when I read this post. I didn't come back here to comment, but I did get absorbed in the history, I really love what you are doing. I wish I had something similar to write about my family, it is a wonderful record for future generations.


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