Friday, June 16, 2006

Well, if it's good enough for Frank ...I uploaded this picture yesterday because I was so pleased to have four lovely hibiscus blooms at once. I got cold feet about posting it, though, wondering if anyone would be the least bit interested. I went to Frank Wilson's blog this morning and saw his lovely flower pictures. We've even got one of the same hibiscus plants. I'll bet I have more though! I just can't kill these things. I started out with small potted plants and they've turned into monsters. Whenever I prune them I can't bear to throw away the cuttings so I'll stick them into water and, wouldn't you know, most of the cuttings root and I've got yet more plants. We've got an ideal environment - southern, bright exposure and a cool house. Also, I'm just forgetful enough to spare the plants from overwatering.


At 3:09 PM, Blogger Maxine said...

The hibiscus is a special flower to me because it flowers here at Jenny's birthday, August. (her blog is called "The Little Hibiscus Fairy" for this reason). So you must be ahead of us. I will post a picture of ours (or get her to!) when it flowers.
The other special flower to me is a snowdrop, as that flowers for Cathy's birthday (early Feb) and is her special flower.
I do have some more nice pics of flowers from my garden to post when Jenny has uploaded them. I posted some pics before of clematis which are on some oldish post and on the Petrona photo album.
thanks for your encouragement with the digital camera. I was initimidated when I borrowed Jenny's and found it had so many possible options round the wheel thing at the top, I hadn't a clue which was "normal camera" mode...but I am sure that if I could find a spare hour I could work it all out.
Hope all is well with you, I am so glad you got your template sorted out, the blog does look very nice in its new design.
All best


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