Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Pure Joy

A small, true story ~

I think I mentioned before that some years ago I had a Moslem co-worker. He was a decent, hard-working fellow but his occasionally-abrupt mannerisms put some people off. I don't know how it is that we were friends. It wasn't romance or anything like that. It was just mutual respect I think. One day he asked me, seemingly casually, "How many children do you think is an ideal number for a family?"

I responded flippantly, "Ten!", then smiled.

"No, seriously" and he went on to explain that his wife had just discovered that she was pregnant and she wanted to keep the baby but he wasn't so sure -- they already had two children and they were just starting to get 'comfortable' and besides, they were planning to go to Disneyland that summer.

Such a serious question just coming out of the blue! I knew that I only had a moment to perhaps make a difference. My 'born again' friends might agree that the words that came to me were heaven-sent. I said "I don't think we should refuse our blessings."

Just those words were all it took! I knew it, because I saw their effect spread across his face, as clearly as if a light had just been turned on. Those few words had saved a life!

The little boy who was later born would be about twenty-four years old today and I feel pure joy knowing that he's in the world.


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